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LIEAP Links and Info

Low Income Energy Assistance Programs 

Our accounting and propane departments are experienced in working with the state to help keep homes heated. Below you'll find the resources you need to research qualifications.

Wyoming deliveries - November through May

• Applications for the LIEAP are available beginning October 1 and are accepted through March 31.
• LIEAP also assists with energy-related emergencies, such as utility shut-offs, deposits, and heat losses due to broken furnaces.
• For more information, please call 1-800-246-4221 or visit https://www.lieapwyo.org/

South Dakota deliveries - July through April

• Applications are always accepted. Priority is given to persons who are elderly or disabled.
• If you are responsible for paying your heat costs directly to an energy supplier, the amount of energy assistance you are approved for will be applied to unpaid heating charges resulting from fills occurring within the qualifying time period.
• Energy assistance may also be able to help if your heat is included in the cost of your rent or you pay your heat costs directly to your landlord in addition to your cost of rent.
• Energy assistance funds are distributed on a first-come basis. Eligibility and assistance amounts are based on the number of people in your home, income of everyone in your home, type and cost of heating and where you live. If you are eligible, the payment is made to your energy supplier.
• For more information, please call 1-800-233-8503 or visit https://dss.sd.gov/economicassistance/energyassistance/lowincome.aspx