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Poultry & Companion Animals

As backyard flocks become more popular, CBH CO-OP is answering the call for your needs. We can custom order chicks, ducks, swans, geese, and other poultry. CBH CO-OP is a South Dakota state certified poultry dealer. We carry poultry nutrition from starter feeds to layer rations and fryer rations. Organic options are also available. We have an extensive line of companion animal needs: equine, swine, dogs, cats, and rabbits.


The CBH CO-OP feed departments are located in Belle Fourche at Feed & Ag, as well as in Gillette at the Country Store and Elevator. The Belle Fourche and Elevator locations carry a wide variety of livestock feeds, both bagged and bulk, along with Payback liquid protein supplements and lick tubs. The Country Store in Gillette also carries a variety of bagged feed and supplements.

CBH CO-OP is your resource center for: livestock production, poultry and companion animals. We know that within livestock production, your companion animals are just as important; therefore, we carry a full line of products to suit those needs.

Show-Rite, Show-Chow, Payback Champion Feeds