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Gillette Elevator Demolition

You may have heard that we decided to take our grain elevator down due to safety concerns. The morning of Friday, January 22nd we will begin transitioning our technology (till, computers, printers, etc.) to our mobile office, just to the east of where the existing office stands. The location will still be open for sales, but please be patient as there will be a lack of technology until the mobile office move is complete some time on the 25th.

The scale will also be unavailable for an unknown duration starting the 22nd. We currently do not have an estimated date of when the scale service will be back up, but we do have a certified scale at our Travel Plaza near Cam-plex. (2063 S Garner Lake Rd, 307-257-2068) The elevator will conduct business as usual throughout this process, but will require a 2 hour minimum notice on bulk feed orders.

We appreciate your patience as we wade through this transition. It is a learning process for all.

CBH CO-OP Elevator
(307) 682-4772
Monday – Friday
7:00am – 5:00pm

Our temporary Elevator office