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New Ecommerce Payment Portal


New Ecommerce Payment Portal

Did you happen to read about our new online payment portal in our recent newsletter? (pdf 525.7kb) This improved payment portal is available through the Bill Pay link at the top of all of our website pages. It will require you to set up a login. You can find those step-by-step instructions here. (pdf 669.18kb)
If you are looking for the former login portal it is still available using the Login link at the top of the page.

Do I need a cell phone number to register?
A cell phone number is required, however, if you’re unable to register the account without a cell phone number, contact the credit department at 605-720-1755 or 605-720-1766 or 307-686-1978

What if I have more than one tank?
Tank Info allows you to view the information on all active tanks assigned to your account. It lists capacity, tank-type (fuel or propane), last delivery date, and gallons last delivered. Each tank will be listed separately with its own information.

Where do I view my contract information?
Contract Details will list information for any and all active contracts. The contract number, both start and end dates, and gallons remaining for that contract will be provided.

Do I have to buy fuel or propane to use this new payment portal??
You do not need to purchase fuel or propane from us to utilize this portal.You are still able to access your balance and make either credit card or ACH payments.

Is there a fee to pay through this portal??
ACH payments do not have a fee billed to them. Credit card payments will have a convenience fee billed starting August 1, 2021. We will have more information as the date draws near.