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An Eye on Union Center

Spotlight on Union Center

Our Union Center location has been hard at it, making sure to maintain supplies at effective prices, which hasn't been easy. Brian, Jone, Jodie, Norm, Ted, and Jevon have all put their hand in to navigate around supply/demand with minimal disruption. There were times it was difficult to get and keep in stock: tires, fencing, posts, and even fuel. This crew worked through it all!

Union Center has brought in several new products, such as grain mixes and bunks so that they can provide more affordable feeding options. Brian and the crew worked hand in hand with our rancher patrons while they repositioned their ranch during the drought. Customer service and dedication are what you receive when you walk through these doors. Thank you to the crew for always doing what needs to be done!

Not only that, but they are working with the fire hall in Enning to obtain a grant matching the funds that CBH is donating, as they are working toward building a new and improved fire hall for the area.